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A Message from Governor Bill Anoatubby


Thank you for your continued support. Together, we have accomplished much. With your continued support, we will achieve even more.

Being governor is more than a job – it is my passion, because my purpose and desire is to serve the Chickasaw people. There are a number of things that make my role as governor incredibly rewarding. First and foremost are the Chickasaw people.

Many of the most successful initiatives we have implemented have been a result of the suggestions of Chickasaws who share a commitment to the Chickasaw Nation and a feeling of responsibility to work toward the benefit of their friends and neighbors in the community.

We have made tremendous progress but some of our greatest achievements are yet to come. I am excited for the future of our nation.

Thank you, again, for your continued support and for the responsibility you have entrusted to me.

Governor Bill Anoatubby

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